On the 10th February 1925 Mr. W.H. Steinhaus established a sales company under the name of "Technical Material", later TEMA.

This TEMA-company is later transformed into a worldwide sales organisation to sell the products of the Siebtechnik/Steinhaus organisation, with the name TEMA Holding N.V. in The Hague. After its foundation on the 12th March 1981, at the same time TEMA B.V. was established. TEMA is responsible for the sales of those products which are manufactured within our group and also of some complementary products out of our group of companies.


Some TEMA Milestones:

1925 : establishment of the company "Technical Material ", TEMA N.V., the Netherlands

1961 : TEMA Machinery Ltd. UK was established

1977 : TEMA Systems Inc. USA was founded

1987 : Parbury Henty Australia was acquired and renamed : TEMA Engineers (Pty) Ltd., Australia

1992 : Acquisition of Hein, Lehmann GmbH and Isenmann Siebe GmbH , Germany

2004 : TEMA Siebtechnik Co.Ltd was founded in China

2010 : TEMA Process B.V. the Netherlands was established, specialized in dryers and coolers